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Why Should You Start Selling Your Ebooks On Your Website?

Some people make a living by selling Ebooks online. Others have had success using Ebooks to promote their businesses. Selling Ebooks online may be essential to you if you have either one of these goals. An Ebook writing service can take care of the writing, editing, formatting, and marketing aspects of your Ebooks once you have the direction in which you want your Ebook to be.
But what about selling it? Of course, there are a plethora of Ebook distribution platforms out there that can get your Ebook to thousands of potential customers. However, when you choose to use a distribution platform to sell your Ebooks, you are losing a lot of control over various aspects of the sale and payments.
If you already have a website, you can add an e-commerce tool to help you sell your Ebook in a quick and easy way. There is no need for complex code or a custom payment processor. Learning the benefits of selling your Ebooks directly on your website can help you set up a solid distribution and payment structure, over which you have 100% control.

Why Should You Consider Selling Your Ebooks Directly?

Before we get into the specifics of making your Ebook success story a reality, we must address the biggest obstacle in that way: distribution. Publishing can often be virtually a publishing monopoly, particularly for self-publishers. When new authors try to look up which platform they should sell Ebooks on, features make it a simple choice, but it’s not the ideal choice for every author out there trying to transform their passion into a fully-functioning Ebook business.
Many other self-publishing platforms, you lose the power to control your payments, lose a considerable amount of revenue that the platform deducts from your sales, and miss out on the chance to connect with your customers and develop a strong reader base to increase brand recognition. However, if you have a website, you can avoid all this and turn the odds in your favor.

Five Benefits of Selling Your Ebooks Directly On Your Website

Self-publishing on your website is not an easy step to take, especially if you have no idea where to begin, the prospect can be even more daunting. Here are some benefits of selling your Ebooks on your website that can help you learn more about the subject:

1. Ensures an On-Brand Experience for Your Customers

Distributing and marketing your Ebooks directly from your website allows you to create a wholly on-brand experience for your customers. You have greater control over your Ebooks’ marketing, how the website looks, the tone and style of its pages, and where you choose your Ebooks to be displayed.
Furthermore, you can also customize your website to display your best sellers, your new releases, and your upcoming launches on your landing page to catch the eye of prospective customers, which would be difficult to accomplish on a separate distribution platform, where identical titles, related Ebooks, and merchandise are all displayed at the same time.
Your customers will not be lost in a sea of choices and options if you provide an on-brand experience. The customer will be able to arrive at a cleverly designed and customized page and learn more about you as an author and how you choose to market to them individually, allowing them to focus on what you have to offer.

2. Full Control over Your Prices and Profits

If you sell your Ebooks directly on your website, you have more control over your earnings, pricing, and placement. In contrast to selling on external sites that take a chunk of your profit, selling directly on your own website allows you to keep all of your Ebook’s income.
You may also choose how, when, and how frequently you want to promote your Ebook. You can also adjust the pricing up to your circumstances or shift over any marketing deals and discounts you want to run.

3. Engages Your Audience and Offers Them More Incentives

By selling your Ebooks directly on your website, you get to offer a lot to your audience base. If a customer has landed on your site by searching for something specific, you can offer them more of your products, may it be merchandise products or other Ebooks of different niches which you won’t be able to do with a distribution platform that easily.
You can also offer them to join your reader base and welcome them to a community where they can support your Ebook business, contributing to a loyal customer base. You can also offer webinars and host virtual meet-and-greets to make the customer feel more welcome and encouraged by your Ebook brand, turning into a long-term buyer-seller relationship.

4. Manages the Ebook Buying Experience

You can maintain control over the purchasing process for your customers by hosting direct sales on your website. You get to have power over how your customers connect with your business online, whether it is through a direct search engine query, a social media platform post, a blog entry, or any other marketing channel. This also saves your customers’ time.
Let’s say they see your Ebook and decide to buy it. They must click the link, be redirected, login, and then click again to purchase. However, with your website, they’ll be able to buy your Ebook without ever leaving your website. With direct sales, you get to completely brand every piece of content, every infographic, and every aspect of the experience from the first search through the Ebook purchase.

5. Allows Access to Customer Information

Selling Ebooks from your website provides you with vital customer information. When customers purchase EBooks writing services from an external distribution platform, all you see is the sale, often cutting you off from acquiring your customer’s email address, which is essential information for continued Ebook marketing efforts. With direct sales on your website, you can entice customers to sign up for your mailing list by offering them discounts deals.

How to Choose the Right E-Commerce Tool For Your Ebook Website?

You’re probably eager to get your Ebook out there by the time you have the completed product on your hands. If you are convinced to host direct sales on your website, you’d want to choose an e-commerce tool to begin selling your Ebooks. Here are the four important aspects to consider while shopping for e-commerce tools:
Transaction costs: Consider transaction costs as well as any regular monthly fees. You want to ensure that your Ebook is generating you money rather than losing you money.
Payments: Evaluate how each platform handles creator compensation and how simple it is to become a new merchant.
Access to other tools: You most likely utilise a variety of tools to manage your business. The more aspects of your sales process that “play well” with your ecommerce platform, such as your website and email marketing, the better.
Accessibility and easy usage: Review demos, trials, and product reviews before selecting an ecommerce tool to help you decide which one suits your and your customers’ needs best.

Going Solo With Your Best Sellers

There is no denying that external distributors Google are one of the easiest and most convenient Ebook distribution options you can opt for. If you are just getting started with selling your Ebooks, it’s recommended that you try out these platforms to get a general idea about distribution and payment. However, if you wish to have full control over your Ebooks’ distribution and payments, direct website sales are the ways to go.

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