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The Man In the Mirror and Other Strangers:
Looking at Alzheimer’s Disease through the Life and Experiences of a Caregiver Wife

by Jenny Zimmer
A mesmerizing and inspiring guide From an Impromptu Caregiver
The Man in the Mirror and Other Strangers, narrates Jenny’s journey as she embraced the role of a caregiver for her husband diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Her struggles and first-hand experiences as she navigated through her hardships encouraged her to write a guide for all the tired, stressed out and overwhelmed caregivers, who find themselves hopelessly lost, just like she was, through their journey.
The book is a personal memoir of a wife who had to go through the hardships and face the challenges of being a caregiver to her late husband. This book, besides being a guide, is also a complicated love story of a life-long couple. But most importantly, the book is written to inspire the spark of optimism in the readers, that there is going to be a beautiful sunrise after a night of grizzling storm.

About Jenny Zimmer

Jenny Zimmer is a writer, artist and book lover! Retired from an executive position she spends her time doing the things she loves which include not only writing but other activities which fuel her creative spirit and sooth her soul. She is sensitive and caring but also has a humorous side that comes out often in her stories. She has previously published “A Carpet of Violets and Clover” & “All The Moments Are Real”.