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The White Silk Trilogy

by Robert P. Ingalls

The tough, honest, red-white-and-blue characterization trilogy

The plays: A Jury Scorned, First Lady and Sorrentino
(A strong female lead characterization trilogy)

Play 1: A Jury Scorned

An explosive character development handling modern-day social issues and historical challenges with a perplexing whodunnit murder trial as a backdrop. At the end of play, the audience will have a lump in their throat, a tear in their eye, yet a smile on their face. The “triumph over evil” theme of A Jury Scorned is a challenge worth accepting.
(United States of America Copyright PAU2-774-580)

Quote from the Play: “Kind of an amazing set of Laws, this Constitution of the United States of America.”

Play 2: First Lady

A widowed congresswoman runs for President of the United States to spite her deceased husband’s political rival, never expecting to win. As the first female President of the United States, she must combat world affairs, a hectic schedule, and one other critical issue… this First Lady is falling in love with a defense department analyst and must weigh the issues of state… against the issues of heart.

(United States of America Copyright PAU2-774-586)

Quote from the Play: “That just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, to love the Constitution on the inside.”

Play 3: Sorrentino

The final piece in this Trilogy is a character-driven, Zorro-style romance that begins with the brutal slaying of a father by an evil King. Years later, the King’s ways have not changed, and the brutalities of the King’s swordsmen weigh heavily on the citizens. A masked swordfighter rises to challenge the fiendish monarchy, bringing many an evil swordsman to justice, with the mark of Sorrentino on his forehead. But, once uncloaked, this female crusader faces an even more serious challenge: how to cope with her love for the King’s son, Prince Phillip. Yikes! The sword of Sorrentino inspires justice for all. United States of America Copyright PAU2-774-575.

Quote from the Play: “What you fight for, is justice.”

Why your theatrical group should consider this trilogy?

  • Scavenger Hunt!! Many white silk items journey from play to play, yet only one white silk garment makes it in all three stories, which leaves the possibility for a prize. This also creates the possibility to pool efforts with neighboring schools and create a Scavenger Hunt where the audience would have to travel to each of three schools to figure out what that white silk item is, so they can win a prize. This would allow for all schools to draw from each other’s audience base
  • There is only one stage setup. Build up the set and leave it alone for the duration of the performance. This applies to all three sagas.
  • Profoundly inexpensive!
  • This characterization trilogy offers modern day social issues and roles as well as a “strong female” lead. The plays permit fevered discussions of the realities of a difficult world, within a framework of “justice might work after all” as well as a positive “Disney” theme.
  • The authors received a rave review from Dramatic Publishing, but with 1,456 plays on their web page, we are not so certain you would ever find us.