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Wish to experience the thrill of becoming a published author without breaking the bank? Look no further than BakeMyBook. Our expert publishing teams provide premium services for a wide range of genres, including children's books, Christianity, fiction, self-help, poetry, and cookbooks on Amazon and Kindle.

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Tired of being just a writer? Become an author! With our immaculate and complete book publishing services, you are assured of a widespread publishing experience. Through our services, you can get published in all formats – eBook, paperback, and hardbound across 20-30 platforms and retailers, like Barnes & Noble, Scribd and Walmart.

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    The Best and Most Professional Book Publishing Service in USA

    BakeMyBook’s publishing team meticulously work on every manuscript to produce optimal publishing files that are ready-to-upload. But we don’t stop there: our publishing experts perform all the tasks for you, tailoring your publishing experience in line with your needs until your book shows up on the market.

    That’s one of the things that make us the best book publishing service providers. We know how overwhelming the experience can be, thus we take care of the tedious processes while maintaining your book’s originality and essence throughout the publishing process.

    The Best and Most Professional Book Publishing Service

    Why Choose BakeMyBook?

    We are the self-publishing book company that’s trusted by 1000s of authors. Here are four unique ways BakeMyBook embarks you on an unparalleled book publishing journey.

    Unparalleled Proficiency

    We have the most adept and knowledgeable professionals from all genres and backgrounds. Be it horror, sci-fi, biography, or publishing a children's book, we know how to best accomplish the task. Our publishing services will keep you coming for your future books, too.

    Complimentary Publishing Optimization & Pricing Consultation

    We offer free optimization of your book description, author bio, categorization, and marketable keywords so you can attract your target audiences like moth to a flame. Our book publishing experts work in collaboration with the beta readers of your book to achieve that. We also prescribe to you the ideal pricing for your book so you can make and keep all the royalties.

    Pristine Publishing Files for eBooks, Paperback & Hardcovers

    We make your word processor manuscript and final book cover eligible through skilled conversion to the appropriate publishable formats. Our experts know how to set up each book format correctly in self-publishing a book across every publishing platform and retailer.

    Local and Global Book Publishing on Up to 30 Stores and Retailers

    Our publishing network is vast. We have local book publishers who can publish and distribute your across the States, as well as global partners who can push your book globally, helping you reach a wide range of stores. This improves the accessibility and availability for your book, ultimately boosting your book sales.

    We help bring your ideas to life in the form

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    Our work speaks for itself. We believe in offering the best value and most personalised service to you.

    How We Make It Easy For You

    Manuscript Receipt

    Manuscript Receipt

    The client submits their manuscript along with editorial, printing, and publishing preferences. Based on these guidelines we develop a suitable publishing plan.
    Editorial Tasks

    Editorial Tasks

    Taking the client onboard, we perform appropriate editing including copy editing, developmental editing, and final proofreading.
    Illustrations and other Additions

    Illustrations and other Additions

    Once the content is finalized, it is time to give the desired look to your book. After the client’s approval, we add the graphics, images, and other illustrations.
    Cover Design and other Finishing Tasks

    Cover Design and other Finishing Tasks

    We finalize the book cover too, and upon approval, create publishing files for the book. We next set up the book description and other metadata. Lastly, we go ahead and publish the book, Ingramspark, or the other preferred publishing platform.

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