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Wish to experience the thrill of becoming a published author without breaking the bank? Look no further than BakeMyBook. Our expert publishing teams provide premium services for a wide range of genres, including children's books, Christianity, fiction, self-help, poetry, and cookbooks on Amazon and Kindle.

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Bring Perfection to Your Expression Through Our Book Proofreading Services

Our Professional Book Proofreading Services Make Your Manuscript Flawless and Flaunt-able

Our proofreading service experts eliminate all the errors and inconsistencies in your manuscript. You can look at it with a magnifying glass and still won’t find a comma missing. We perform scrupulous editing and proofreading to deliver a ready-to-publish book.

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    What does Proofreading Entail?

    Our highly qualified and specialist professionals utilize their knowledge and experience to scan your manuscript and fix mistakes & inconsistencies such as:

    ● Punctuation
    ● Misspellings
    ● Capitalization
    ● Verb tense
    ● Common Grammar issues

    Once we are done, you’ll find yourself thinking that you just received the best possible online book proofreading service.

    Choose BakeMyBook’s Proofreading Services for a Successful Publication

    Our manuscript proofreading services stand out due to the following qualities:

    Diverse Proofreaders for All Genres

    We offer genre-specialist professional proofreading for all kinds of manuscripts. They are aware of the jargons of your fields and can catch errors that an average proofreader would not. Whether it’s eBook proofreading you need or textbook, we offer it all.

    Experienced Personnel Who are Best at Their Work

    Our team of highly expert and dedicated proofreaders has experience of at least 5 years of service. They are used to efficiently proofreading and editing books, achieving 50,000 words per day. We are highly responsive to customers and ensure their satisfaction.

    Quick, Punctual Delivery

    Our experts performing book proofreading and editing are irritated by errors and inconsistencies and are skilled at correcting them, all while meeting the agreed deadlines.

    We help bring your ideas to life in the form

    Your Final Proofread Copy Can be Flawless

    Reach out if your published book awaits to be made as perfect as your favorite classics with cheap yet quality manuscript proofreading.
    sedulously written and published book

    Our Recent Portfolio

    Our work speaks for itself. We believe in offering the best value and most personalized service to you.

    Our Meticulous Book Proofreading Process

    Receive manuscript from the client

    Receive Manuscript from The Client

    Upon receiving it, we review the manuscript requirements to be on the same page as the author.
    Manual editing and proofreading

    Manual Proofreading

    Our editorial teams love proofreading books. They first print out your draft and perform the pen-on-paper proofreading approach to ensure an error-free and consistent manuscript before sending it back to the PC.
    Software check

    Software Check

    Only after manual proofreading do we pass the copy through programs like Grammarly, Copyscape, and Hemingway App to double- and triple-check that no mistake is left uncorrected.
    Work Submission

    Work Submission

    Once all the aforementioned checks are complete, the copy has been perfected on our end. We proudly hand over the corrected book with Track Reports to client so they can see the precise changes made to improve the book.

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