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Wish to experience the thrill of becoming a published author without breaking the bank? Look no further than BakeMyBook. Our expert publishing teams provide premium services for a wide range of genres, including children's books, Christianity, fiction, self-help, poetry, and cookbooks on Amazon and Kindle.

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Make the book of your dreams rise above rough drafts and incomplete thoughts. With the help of one of our professional eBook ghostwriters for hire, your manuscript can reach the finish line in bestseller style.

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    Professional eBook Ghostwriters are Here to Help You!

    We delight on crafting your raw musings into refined drafts. It’s easy for our writing squads to think outside the box, and transform your book ideas to complete books with finesse. Whether it’s your fiction book or non-fiction book ghostwriting, Christian novel or children’s book ghostwriting, or autobiography and memoirs ghostwriting, you’ll be able to hire one of the most professional eBook ghostwriters from our specialist eBook ghostwriting teams boasting proven experience to give life to your finished book.
    Professional eBook Ghostwriters are Here to Help You!
    Tell Your Story to the World for a Chance to be Heard and Read

    Tell Your Story to the World for a Chance to be Heard and Read

    BakeMyBook’s eBook ghostwriting services makes us one of the most author-centric ghostwriting agencies in the USA. Our carefully vetted team of ghostwriters hail from a variety of backgrounds, including industry, creative & performing arts, religion, sciences, technology, advertising, communications, academia, social sciences, engineering, and more. Our premium book writing teams are experts at intuiting the personality and style of your writing requirements, and are skilled at expressing it best. That’s why we’re one of the best yet affordable eBook ghostwriting services in the country.


    Our talented fiction ghostwriters engineer plot-focused narratives with literary expertise. We give substance to your characters, life to your settings and descriptions, and ensure that your novel is nothing short of an entertaining & imaginative read.


    Lack of coherence and purposeful thought behind its structure can make or break a non-fiction book. Our team of ghostwriters imbue intent and quality research into your fact-based manuscripts.


    What makes your life story readable is the selection of choice stories and their appealing expression. Our autobiography writers can dig and probe the right information, infusing the right emotions to make the most of your memoirs.


    You do not win over young audience in the same way as adults. A successful children’s book is the product of child-like creativity and simplicity. Our ghostwriters’ backpack is filled with colorful phrases and rhymes to piece together your children’s book with ease.


    Whodunnits with unexpected plot twists, tense events, and page-turning mystery. Bring your exciting thriller book to us and watch our ghostwriters multiply the drama. Our screenplay ghostwriting services produced an exhilarating trilogy that you can check out here.


    A great adventure novel should drive the reader’s soul to go out there and do something great with their lives. Our ghostwriters achieve that while keeping the story moving in your adventure book.

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    Outline of Our Book Writing Process



    Start by talking to one of our writing and publishing agents and enroll in our ghostwriting program. It is very easy to reach us via online chat or a phone call.
    Project Summary

    Project Summary

    First have an initial phone call with one of our eBook ghostwriters for hire to determine your book’s requirements. This entails a lengthy discussion about various elements such as your target audience, book objectives, storyline, and so forth.

    Outline Design

    Once we have all the necessary details, we draft a meticulous outline based. In this phase, your book is given a structure to position it into the best possible and most effective book. Research is an important part of an outline to give your ideas more weight and authority.

    Chapter-by-Chapter Drafting

    The next stage is where the Writing begins. Using the Outline, our ghostwriters draft your book one chapter at a time in your voice and style until the manuscript is completed. Your revisions are incorporated, and we proceed to editing.


    Editing & Proofreading

    Upon the book’s completion, our editors refine the errors and make the manuscript publish-ready.


    Cover Designing

    Next, we design the artistic book cover for your book to complement the overall story communication within.


    Publishing & Distribution

    Once everything has been finalized, we publish your book on extensive distribution retailers (based on your package). You can further sign up for custom promotional strategies for maximum revenue generation for your book.

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