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What to Do If Your EBooks Don't Generate Leads? (Four Common Problems and Their Solutions)

Let’s say you wanted to get into the Ebook business venture. You researched about it, invested in getting your Ebooks written by a ghostwriting service, created your site, got affiliated with Ebook publishing platforms, but all you see are crickets. This situation is something every Ebook business goes through at least once in its lifetime. The reason? Insufficient knowledge about selling your Ebooks the right way. While getting no downloads or sales on your Ebooks may happen anyway, it is still a loss to your business either way.
Learning how to prevent receiving no downloads or purchases can help you obtain your pre-determined business goal and can help you identify the gaps in your promotional and marketing tactics where your potential customers may be slipping through your hands. So even if you are new to the Ebook business and want to prevent getting low sales or if you are experiencing low sales, learning about the mistakes you may be making while selling your Ebooks and how to rectify them is beneficial either way.

Four Common Mistakes to Selling EBook and Their Solutions

In e-commerce, while mistakes may cost you, they are still learning points for your business to prosper. Selling Ebooks is the same. Getting no sales or leads means that you are falling through in their marketing or identifying your target audience. Even if you use a structured marketing plan to promote your Ebooks and still see no results, then you might be making the following mistakes as below:

1. You Failed to Identify Your Target Customers.

Failing to identify your target audience is often classified as “marketing with no lights on” in online marketing. You are spending all your marketing budget and efforts in coming up with smart promotional strategies but they are all equivalent to shooting arrows in mid air instead of a decided target. If you are unaware of who wants to read your Ebooks, then how are you supposed to cater to their needs?

Solution: Develop A Customer Persona.
Now that you have identified this problem, you can do effective market research to create a customer persona for your Ebook business. A customer persona entails information about your Ebook buyers; from their interests in Ebook genres to their age and gender demographics. Some details about your customer persona can be:
● Demographics
● Targeted keywords
● Interests in Ebook genres
● Social platforms in use
This information makes it easier for you to create Ebooks that fit their needs better and use marketing tactics that fit their persona. For example, if your customer base is young adults, using Instagram and Twitter to promote your Ebooks will work for you more efficiently.

2. Your Content Isn't Relevant Enough

Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Why would they bother buying your Ebooks if they can get that same content elsewhere? The whole point of your Ebook business is selling unique content to your customers that cannot be obtained anywhere else on the internet. That applies to all genres; whether romance or IT guides. If you are writing about what is already available on other sites and Ebooks, why should the customers pick you?
Solution: Create Informational Content That Fits Customer Need
What makes your Ebook business separate from others is that you have content that fits your customers’ needs and is unique and informative. This applies to every genre or niche of your Ebooks. A romance plotline that has already been told and published hundreds of times isn’t going to sell anymore and neither will a run-of-the-mill IT guide about using printers the right way.
Creating content that matters, tells something that hasn’t been told, or tells it in a way that is unique and fits what your customers want from you is one of the most efficient ways to ensure high sales. When writing or getting your Ebook written, make sure to:
● Target your customer persona and selected niche
● Use relevant keywords that resonate
● Include unique and informational content
For instance, if you choose to create an Ebook about Search Engine Algorithm changes, instead of talking about how difficult they are on online business, inform the reader about how they can protect their businesses from these changes, make their sites responsive, and prepare for the next change to prevent any loss.

3. Your Ebook Covers Aren’t Attractive Enough

When it comes to Ebooks, looks matter. While it may be a common saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that’s just how customers decide if they want to purchase an Ebook or not. Selling eBooks with covers that look like they were designed in MS Paint isn’t likely to sell at all. Even if you got it done by someone and the covers still look congested, busy, or too mish-mashy, customers won’t be attracted to them at all. Your covers need to entice customers, resonate with the story of your Ebooks and reflect your business’s image.
Solution: Get It Done By A Professional.
Getting a professional service to design simple, minimalistic, and high-quality covers for your Ebooks is the best way to ensure they get purchased. It’s the first thing potential customers see about your Ebooks, so you need to make a lasting impression. When designing a cover, make sure it is:
● Straightforward and attractive
● Reflects your brand
● Conveys the theme of the content inside the Ebook
● Provides value to readers

4. Your Customers Couldn’t Locate Your Website

It is possible that you may slip up in any of these processes, which can affect the sales of your Ebook. However, if you get it all done by paying an Ebook writing service to do it, you can have a professionally researched, written, illustrated, and published Ebook in just a month’s time or even less. Since it will be done by a professional, it will have a higher chance of generating more sales.
It is possible that you may slip up in any of these processes, which can affect the sales of your Ebook. However, if you get it all done by paying an Ebook writing service to do it, you can have a professionally researched, written, illustrated, and published Ebook in just a month’s time or even less. Since it will be done by a professional, it will have a higher chance of generating more sales.

4. Repurposes Old Content into An Ebook

You may have done effective marketing to promote your Ebooks by running ads, doing outreach, or social media marketing, but your traffic rate is still low. The reason? Your website is hard to locate or is not optimized enough. Since you base your sales on online marketing, optimization is a huge component of that.
Your site’s landing page acts as a gateway to your Ebooks aside from the publishing platforms you may use. You have to ensure that potential customers can find your online website easily and that the landing page is attractive enough to entice them into buying your Ebooks.
Solution: Focus On Optimizing Your Ebook Website.
When you optimize your landing page, you are ensuring that potential customers can follow that trail to find your site and purchase your Ebooks. To optimize your landing page to make it easy for customers to find you, you can:
● Include relevant keywords to your Ebooks in your blogs, headlines, meta descriptions, URL, and in the description copies.
● Provide short paragraphs or synopsis of the content in your Ebooks on your site.
● Include high-quality images or teasers of covers.
● Add bulleted benefits of your Ebooks to highlight their value to the readers.
● Make sure the page containing your Ebooks is quick to load and easy to navigate.
● Minimize pop-up bars to ensure a good UX experience for customers.
After you have optimized your landing page properly, your customers won’t have to search for your site by scrolling to the 6th or 11th search result page.

Preventing Crickets On Your Virtual Ebook Shelves

Selling Ebooks depends on how well you can convey the value of your content to potential customers. It also depends on whether you are targeting the right customer market and ensuring that your marketing efforts are being compensated properly. By checking for the mistakes above and rectifying them, you can ensure to have high sales, all year round.

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