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What Are eBook ARCs: How Do They Help Boost Your eBook Reviews?

In our experience at BakeMyBook, Ebook reviews are among the most popular ways for self-published writers to build a fan base and gain visibility. This is why getting positive feedback before the release of your Ebooks is crucial for their success. However, not all writers have access to phenomenal marketing teams that can organize for Ebook reviewers to promote and review copies.
Most of the time, it falls to authors themselves to come up with fresh ideas for Ebook promotion. Pre-launch promotions provide readers the chance to find out when an Ebook will be published and to become excited about a particular release. You’ll need to be creative when promoting your Ebook because readers have access to many free books. Learning what Ebook ARCs are, how they can benefit your Ebook reviews and where you can get them can help you with your pre-launch promotions to boost your Ebook sales.

What Are Ebook ARCs?

Ebook ARCs or advanced reader copies are part of a pre-launch promotional strategy that self-published authors use to create a fan base and positive pre-reviews so that their Ebooks sell faster once launched. Before an Ebook is published, allowing a portion of your target reader audience to read it for free provides you with the chance to make any necessary edits without jeopardising the Ebook’s reputation and ensuring its success.
When Ebook websites advertise advanced reader copies (ARCs) before the Ebook is released, they develop the initial reader base to attract positive reviews and early buzz for the author. Advance reader copies are meant to be read before final, polished versions.

What Are The Benefits Of Ebook ARCs For Self-Published Authors?

Ebook ARCs don’t just have one sole benefit when it comes to promoting your Ebooks. Here are some benefits that illustrate why distributing Ebook ARCs are important for self-published authors:

Earn Good Reviews

Book ARCs allow your readers to leave positive reviews about your Ebooks before their launch. Having pre-positive reviews builds your credibility as an author, increases the chances of attracting more readers to your Ebooks, and helps your sales funnel by convincing the readers to buy them.

Increase Ebook Sales

While positive pre-reviews already boost your sales funnel if you advertise them on your Ebook website, you can offer your Ebook ARCs to bookstores and online websites to promote your Ebooks by giving away free copies. Although a major publisher could reject your Ebook, as a self-publishing author you can still find a lot of eager distributors. They’ll love the opportunity to offer a freebie along with their books, and you’ll benefit from added publicity.

Builds Your Reader Base

Your ultimate objective when publishing an Ebook is to increase sales, but that won’t happen unless you have a network of readers who are eager to provide reviews. The reader base for your Ebook ARCs is different from your regular readers. The reader base for blogs and ARC reviews typically has a strong interest in the genre and subject matter. They don’t just read an ARC and comment on whether they enjoyed it or not. They take the time and effort to write insightful reviews, and as a result, their readers are compelled to learn more about your work, which expands your reader base and boosts your sales.

How Can You Distribute Your Ebooks ARCs?

The majority of ARC websites work with either bloggers or reviewers, while some also directly assist authors who want to distribute ARCs. Here are some ways you can distribute your Ebook ARCs:
Share them directly to ARC reviewing websites: You can directly send your Ebook ARCs to ARC reviewing blogs and websites of your choice so they can review your Ebook. Check to see if they work with self-publishers before you do that.
Create an account to post reviews: You can also create an account on and write a brief paragraph about your preferred genres and Ebooks on ARC reviewing blogs and websites. In these reviews, include links to get a free copy of your Ebook to guide other readers and reviewers into reading your ARCs.
● Exchange ARCs with other authors: You can reach out to the authors in your genre and ask them to exchange Ebook ARCs. This way, both of your reader bases can be directed to one another.

Popular Ebook ARC Websites to Distribute Your Ebooks To

It’s quite difficult for most self-publishing authors to get their ARCs approved to be distributed to well-known websites such as Goodreads. However, here are some popular ARC distribution websites you can turn to instead:
City Owl Press: If you write mainly romance or fiction, you might want to send your ARCs to this website. This website features high-quality ARCS, which then speaks to the credibility of the authors.
Book Tours: This website offers to review your ARCs exchange of an interview. They collaborate with well-known book blogger websites and organise giveaways for publishers and writers who already have a following.
Macmillan Publishers: Aside from publishing Ebooks, this website also reviews ARCs and hosts only well-known reviewers. Your Ebooks may gain a lot of following if they get reviewed on this website.
Curiosity Quills Press: This website collaborates with small publishers and focuses on a select genre of Ebook categories. They mostly provide their users with free fiction, paranormal, and sci-fi ARCs.

A Compelling Preview Paves the Way for a Successful Launch

Once your Ebook is on the way to getting written, start putting up its ARC ads on your website to pique readers’ interest. Mention it on your blogs, videos, social media posts, etc to expand your reader base for the ARC. You can then provide information on how to get your ARCs as your Ebook’s launch date draws near.
Share with your readers where they can get free copies, the particular website to use, and instructions for setting up an account with the local book publisher. Ebook ARCs when used right can be the perfect pre-launch marketing strategies to entice your readers and boost your Ebook sales and visibility.

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