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The Right Time to Self-Publish Your EBooks: Why Does It Matter?

Selling Ebooks is no walk in the park. You have to research the genre, write or get it written, edit it, format it, and proofread it, but the process doesn’t stop there. With your Ebook finished and ready, you may find yourself wondering, when is the right time to publish it? If you choose to self-publish your Ebooks, deciding when to publish them is a big step that determines the success of your Ebooks.
Selling your Ebooks is the process of understanding the supply and demand of your product. The timing matters more than you think. The time, date, week, and month you decide to publish your Ebooks have a direct impact on how well it does with your customer base.
Waiting for the right time to publish your Ebooks when you have them completed on your hands can be tough. But here, patience is key. It’s easy to become impatient in excitement over releasing your Ebook and publishing it at the wrong time and season, which will bring snail-paced sales and customer engagement. This is why learning when to self-publish your Ebooks can help you avoid that.

The Benefits of Publishing Your Ebooks at The Right Time

When it comes to publishing your Ebooks, you have to view the aspect from the eyes of a marketer as well as a creator. Just as how you don’t see a coffee shop sell fall-themed flavors during summertime, you can’t publish your Ebooks of varying genres in just any random month or season.
Publishing at a suitable time for your genres can help you increase the sales of your Ebooks and encourage high customer engagement rates. Not only does it help keep your Ebooks relevant among your customer base, but also helps in increasing their popularity, helping you climb the steps to becoming a bestseller.

How to Find the Right Time for Self-Publishing Your Ebooks

Now that you are aware of the benefits of finding the right time to self-publish your Ebooks, it is important to learn about the right time to self-publish. Here are some steps you can follow to find a suitable time for self-publishing your Ebooks:

Do Some Important Brainstorming

Am I satisfied with the final manuscript? Be sure to check for any mistakes, or loopholes and ensure that the Ebook appears put together and cohesive. Last-minute changes can delay or prolong your publishing date.
What is my major objective? Your date of publishing can help you achieve an objective you decide on. It can be either increased sales, engagement rate, or exposure.
How much of my audience do I plan to reach? The date and month you decide to publish your Ebook are related to how many people you’ll reach. Having a rough idea in your mind helps you decide on a proper date for publishing.

The Best and Worst Times to Self-Publish your Ebooks

The time and dates on your editorial calendar aren’t just numbers. They represent certain events, holidays, occasions, etc. These factors contribute to the success of your Ebooks and how well they fare with your customers. It’s similar to how stationery companies release new products during the back-to-school season to uplift their sales. Here are some dates, months, and seasons that represent the best and worst times for self-publishing your Ebooks:

The Days and Months

As mentioned above, publishing on the right month and even on the right day of the week can impact your sales. Here are some months and days that are best for Ebook sales:
Choose January and February: These months indicate the start of the year and are the time when people enjoy buying Ebooks to commit to new hobbies, genres, and interests. Having a fresh and varying array of Ebooks before them during these months is a great way to uplift your Ebook sales.
Publish on the first three weekdays: The first three work days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the most suitable days for self-publishing your Ebooks. People are constantly checking their phones and emails and an alert about a new release is likely to direct them into checking it out.
Avoid the months from August to October: Towards the near end of the year, people are saving up for buying Ebooks for the upcoming holidays and birthday heavy months like November and December. You should refrain from self-publishing during these months to avoid low sales and engagement rates.

The Seasons

Your Ebook sales are heavily influenced by the seasons. There are particular seasons and holidays that can boost your sales through the roof if you publish at the right time and others that can drag those sales down just as easily. Here are the seasons you should self-publish and the ones you should avoid:
Publish in the summer holidays: There is no better time to self-publish a book than in summer. Months like June and July are known to have high Ebook sales since people take this time to invest in a good Ebook, read, and relax.
Avoid fall months: Fall seasons are known to have relatively slow sales when it comes to Ebooks. Be sure to hold off publishing your Ebook until after winter.

Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of self-publishing your Ebook at the right time. After your Ebook is published, you want some buzz around it, so sales can pick up quickly. Digital marketing can make all the difference to your Ebook’s success or failure. Here are some digital marketing tips you can follow to boost your sales when you self-publish:
Take advantage of social media. You can use social media to sell your ebook in several different ways. Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, you can reach a larger audience. Promote your Ebook on social media or encourage readers to recommend it to others.
Request reviews. By getting good reviews from readers, you increase your credibility as an author. Good reviews convince potential readers that your Ebook is worth reading. You can publish these reviews on your social platforms to increase your brand’s recognition.
Offer different formats. Providing your Ebook in multiple formats is a great way to make your Ebook accessible to all of your potential readers. Any individual should be able to download your Ebook from any device.

Waiting for The Right Time Instead of Jumping the Gun

Make sure you do your research and ask yourself the appropriate questions once you’re ready to self-publish your work. What do you hope to accomplish by self-publishing? How will you reach your target audience? Is your book in a particular genre?
With all these questions, the tips you’ve read here, and your own research, you will be able to self-publish at the right time. In addition, you should do digital marketing in order to reach as many people as possible. All of this will contribute to the success of your self-published book, and you will be able to get the sales you desire!

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