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Steps to Creating a Strong Ebook Brand with Social Media Platforms

People don’t just buy books or Ebooks strictly just for the sake of buying them. Sure, the main reason behind their purchase is they want to read the content, but a lot of times loyal customers buy Ebooks to support their favorite authors or Ebook businesses. This loyalty derives from authors or Ebook businesses having a close and interactive relationship with their customer base. One of the best ways you can build a loyal customer base to promote your Ebooks is by using social media channels to build your Ebook brand.

As an author or an Ebook business, you play an important role in your success, so learning how to build an author/Ebook brand that promotes your future releases, interacts with your customers, attracts prospective customers, and improves your overall sales is necessary. Even if you already have a couple of Ebooks released, it’s never too late to start your Ebook brand and begin developing a faithful customer base.

Why Does Branding Play an Important Role in Selling Your Ebooks?

Branding contributes a great deal to the success of any business. The primary goals of branding are to help your customers recognize your work, set you apart from other authors, and build a faithful and consistent customer base for your work.

Branding contributes to recognition as your customers can easily identify your Ebooks by the color, fonts, personality, and even formatting you put in your works. By creating a strong brand, your impression to your readers becomes more prominent, which makes your Ebooks more attractive and desirable to them. One of the best ways you can build a brand aside from your Ebooks is by using social platforms.

How to Build an Ebook Brand On Social Media Channels?

Building a brand on social media is primarily knowing how to appear attractive to crowds of people, among which are your existing and prospective customers. Here are some steps you can follow to establish a strong brand for your Ebooks on social media channels:

Get to Know Your Audience

You write your Ebooks with a specific group or demographic of people in mind. Researching and understanding this group, which is also known as your target audience, helps you with building a strong brand. Knowing who you want to reach can help you target your marketing and brand-building strategies.

Ask yourself who are your customers, what are their preferences, and why are they buying your Ebooks. Figuring out their demographics such as age group, gender, hobbies, etc can help you tailor the best way to appeal to them on social media.

Select A Specific Tone and Style

Think of your brand as a living person, it will have its specific tone of speaking and displaying itself to other people. If you are writing IT or finance Ebooks, your brand can be succinct and formal. If however, your target market is based on young adults and teens, your brand will be popular if it has a fun, informal, and conversational tone and style.

Make A Social Media Profile

After you have chosen a suitable social media platform and you can have more than one, fill out your profile. The more information you can provide, the better, since your audience wants to know about you. You can also upload photos of yourself, your previous Ebooks, and what you stand for. Make sure to include a short biography and your contact information on your profile.

Keep Your Profile Updated

Your story is impacted by life events and you write new books. It might even lead to a change of genre. Let your audience know about these changes by updating your profile. Ensure that your contact information and locations where your Ebooks can be purchased are displayed at all times.

Incorporate Your Personality into Your Social Profile

When making your social media brand, your personality plays a crucial role. Your followers need to get to know your brand as if they knew you personally. It is important to make your brand as personal as possible, even if you’re using a pen name.

Interact as If You’re a Friend

Consider your audience a friend. Your friends probably know heaps of personal information about you. Your brand should be no different. Tell readers what you like to do and what your hobbies are. The more casual you appear, the more they are going to feel at ease to interact with you back.

Post Interactive and Regular Content

It is not always easy to decide what to post on social media. Even for brands. If you choose to be casual with your followers, you don’t need to overthink what to post too much. You can just post what is on your mind or any potential ideas you may have about your Ebooks. You can also share your ideas about different genres to interact with your followers. Just make sure that whatever you post, even if it is casual, should fit with your brand.

You can also use a content calendar to assist you with creating social media content. You could brainstorm different topic ideas and various themes for special days or weeks. Create a posting schedule and stick to posting at least twice a week to remain active among your followers.

Show Your Gratitude to Your Audience

Your customers and followers are what truly build and support your Ebook brand. Therefore, it’s important to show your gratitude to them on your social media platforms. An occasional “Thank you for supporting me” post builds loyalty among your followers and lets them know that you care about them too.

Add Customer Reviews to Your Profile

Your social media platforms are great places for you to share the feedback you have received from other customers on your Ebooks. Sharing reviews add credibility to your Ebook brand and lets prospective customers know that you are an established Ebook brand that cares about its customers. Adding testimonials to your profile can add that stamp of credibility that you may want as an Ebook brand.

Share Information About What’s to Come

Brands aren’t stingy about sharing information. It’s important for them that their audience knows what’s going on, and the same should be true for your Ebook brand.

Your readers look you up on social media platforms because they want to learn about what you are currently working on. It’s a great way to keep your audience engaged and build a prospective customer base for your upcoming Ebook. Be sure to not share too much information before your Ebook’s release.

Stay Consistent to Your Brand

You don’t change much in your personality throughout your life, despite some small quirks and changes. Similarly, your brand shouldn’t change all that much either, but a few adjustments here and there are okay.

Stay true to the tone and style that you choose for your brand, and apply it to your social media accounts. Choosing a few colors and certain types of visuals to represent your brand and sticking to them invokes a sense of consistency for a brand.

Are You Ready to Start Building Your Ebook Brand?

It’s never too late to start thinking of building a brand for your Ebooks. With the right tools and strategies, you can easily create a strong social presence and begin creating your customer base. With time, you can also begin attracting prospective customers who will come to buy your Ebooks solely because you managed to impress them with your brand on social media. You can contact Bake My Book right now and discuss Ebook marketing strategies for boosting your sales.

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