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Self-Publishing Ebooks in 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

Has self-publishing your Ebook been your goal this year? Have you ever self-published before but got scammed? Or maybe you self-published your Ebook but never got the results you wanted? Chances are, you dived headfirst without preparing yourself. The problem isn’t your Ebook, it is the important self-publishing steps you missed.
If you have got an Ebook written from an Ebook writing service and are not sure how to proceed next, learning about what goes into self-publishing and how to approach it can help your Ebook sell and possibly develop into an Ebook business prospect. But first, it is essential that you learn how to get started with self-publishing your Ebooks.

Why Should You Self-Publish Your Ebooks?

If you want a more hands-on experience with publishing, marketing, and selling Ebooks, self-publishing is the way to go. Not only does it give you full control but is easy to approach with just a couple of clicks. Here are some benefits of self-publishing your Ebooks:
● It gives you the creative freedom as an author, from choosing layouts to editors and proofreaders.
● It allows you to publish when you want, whereas a publishing company may have you on their waiting list for a while.
● It drops all the royalties in your hands.
● It lets you keep your ownership rights.
● It gives you full control over deals and possible long-term opportunities such as movie/tv adaptations.

Getting Started with Self-Publishing Ebooks

The first step is getting your Ebook written. Either you can write it yourself or choose a qualified Ebook ghostwriting service to do it for. If you have decided to do it yourself or just get it written by a ghostwriting service, you can proceed with the steps below:

Editing and Proofreading

The editing, rewriting, and proofreading processes are vital to publishing your Ebooks successfully. The process starts with the writer creating several drafts of the manuscript, selecting the one that is the best, rewriting for any possible alterations, editing any mistakes, and getting beta readers to do proofreading before the draft is considered complete.
If you wish to cut down on your expenses, you can do a lot of it yourself. However, it is still best to get the perspective of a professional since they will be able to format your Ebook and point out any awkward parts or mistakes you missed. You can hire editing and formatting services from editors on freelance platforms.
After the editing is done, reach out on your social media platforms and try to find groups of beta readers to do your proofreading. Some may charge you according to their service packages. The point is getting that external feedback so you can shape your Ebook in a way that will make it sell.

Designing EBook Cover

When it comes to designing your Ebook cover, it is always safe to get it done professionally since all your sales depend on how attractive and professional your Ebook looks. While you can create a cover yourself on Canva, you can get it done professionally on a website called Book Cover Zone. There, you can buy pre-made covers with prices ranging from $20-$80. After buying the cover, you edit it as much as you want.

Marketing Your Ebook

The way you market your Ebook is how you set yourself apart as an author from other self-published authors. Here are some tips you can follow to market your Ebook:
● Your Ebook should have a specific genre with a cover that represents the genre.
● Use a catchy and attractive title to compel the readers to click on your Ebook to find out more about it.
● Include relevant keywords in your Ebook’s description and ensure it targets your ideal reader base and tells about what your Ebook is about in a short yet informative way.
● Set your Ebook’s price similar to the ones in its niche. It is best to set a price that is not too high or too suspiciously low.
● Hype your Ebook on your social media platform accounts with its release date so you have people waiting in anticipation to buy it.
● Use short excerpts from your Ebook in your promotional posts.

Choosing A Self-Publishing Company

Now that your Ebook has been edited, formatted, proofread, and has an attractive cover, you can proceed with publishing it on any of the self-publishing platforms below that may suit your needs the best:

Counting Your Expenses

One of the biggest realities of being a self-publishing author who wants to be as budget-efficient as possible is that you will have to do a lot more on your own. Which can oftentimes compromise the quality of your Ebook, thus bringing down its sales and vice versa. To put forward a quality product that will sell, you must invest in it a little by either getting your Ebook written by a ghostwriting service or getting it edited and designed professionally.
This helps reduce the risk factor of it not selling at all. Ebook with a professional cover and platform-friendly formatting.

Getting Some Assistance to Help Your Self-Publishing Journey

It is the freedom of creativity that attracts many first-time authors to self-publishing. You can always choose Bake My Book’s Ebook marketing, writing, editing, or publishing services to save yourself all that trouble. Contact us now to take the first step to become a best-selling author.

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