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8 Reasons Why Book Writing Is Essential?

Be confident enough to write your book as it has certain benefits that one must keep in mind.

1. Learning new things:

Whenever we come across any idea besides our usual way of thinking, it helps to strengthen our knowledge—book writing broadens your normal area of vision. You start to think beyond the spectrum by assessing all the perspectives that would make your book even more enjoyable.
However, some people mistook book writing merely to write stories or novels; however, it requires much more. For writing anything in general, you need to learn about writing rules, scene progression, etc. You will eventually get through a new world of technicalities involved in writing a book.

2. Builds discipline:

Having nothing to do might seem like a relieving thought; however, it makes you lazy and undisciplined. Some people think that writing a book is something that people do as their leisure activity; however, that is exactly where they go wrong. Most of the people who are involved in the task of writing a book do it as something aside from their routine. To manage their schedule so that it doesn’t affect anything requires you to organize everything, thus building a sense of discipline.
Taking some time to write even a tiny piece demands the same level of concentration, time, and interest as all of your other activities require. So to be disciplined, develop a habit of writing even a bit.

3. Enhance marketing skills:

Pursuing writing as a part-time career brings you exposure to the marketing world if you opt for traditional or self-publishing methods. Both of them will bring you under the spotlight where you need to publicize your work to get attention from many people.
Marketing deals with both offline and online marketing. Offline marketing involves one bringing himself out of their shell and facing the audiences and convincing or fascinating them in a way that they want to read your books. Online marketing involves how good you are at promoting your work via social media platforms or online sources.
One must critically consider this aspect as it will make a profession a hit or a flop. So to polish your marketing skills, book writing can play an important role.

4. Builds fame:

Nowadays, in this highly social world, anything, absolutely anything, can gain popularity overnight. And the primary source that plays a vital role in making anything a star is social media. Social media platforms are the best way to advertise anything you want. As your work gets attention, you will get recognition as a writer and ultimately gain fame from the masses. Furthermore, you will become a star, and people will line up to meet you if your content is authentic and exciting enough.If you want recognition, write something unique.

5. Helps earn money:

If you start to take writing as a potential career option, it will make you some money. However, it does not assure that you will be a millionaire in no time; however, you can still have some passive income. If you wish to have some extra amount of money made by something that you do in your free time, then writing serves as the best option as it helps in so many ways, plus it will grow your income.

6. Expresses your views:

Some people or many people have complaints that no one can listen to. A good listener is rare to find these days. Just because no one is there to listen to your perspective, people start to feel neglected and unimportant and ultimately fall into depression. So instead of locking oneself in a room or in your world of negative thoughts that linger in your mind, pour out all your energy in writing.
You can express what you feel through your words, and you can write about things that trouble you or things that fascinate you. Ultimately, when you publish something you have written to bring yourself out of a sad state, you will know that so many people want more of your words. Though they are not present with you physically, they will still be your getaway from all the negativity around you.
If you want to express your thoughts to get away from the everyday things around you, write!

7. Builds patience:

You need to get past certain hurdles to get somewhere. But, to cross those hurdles, some people lose interest because they think it is challenging and time-consuming.proceed on with. In other cases, the writers feel rushed to end the whole thing as they get tired of their work. So in all these times, what writing prevails is endurance. Writing requires both your focus and time, so you need to be patient to succeed.Writing helps to build patience.
The same goes for book writing. Nowadays, many apps and websites provide you with tools that make book writing easier than before. However, it still is not a piece of cake. Almost every writer goes through writer’s block at some point in their writing. At that point, they feel like they have no more ideas to carry forward the story or their story is not good enough to proceed on with. In other cases, the writers feel rushed to end the whole thing as they get tired of their work. So in all these times, what writing prevails is endurance. Writing requires both your focus and time, so you need to be patient to succeed.Writing helps to build patience.

8. Builds connection:

When a specific work gets fame, so it gets the attention of so many people. Some of them appreciate the work, while others criticize their work. However, critics also play a specific role in promoting a thing. The same goes for writing. When you write a book and advertise it through proper channels, you will find so many fans who want to meet you and appreciate your efforts. You will also meet more people from your field like publishers, editors, critics, online book writers, etc. Being acquainted with them will increase your knowledge about writing and expose you to professional writing. Moreover, it will create a bond between you and your admirers.
To build connections, write!

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