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How to Plan your eBook Promotion Strategy during Holidays?

Holidays are always around the corner for online businesses, and when it comes to eBook business owners, there’s always an opportunity for them to dust off their virtual shelves and get their sales going. With the current modernization and the rise of eBook culture, holidays are the right time to think of ways to catch the eye of holiday shoppers with your unique eBooks.
To make the best of the holiday season, you need to create a holiday sales strategy to ensure your shelves are cleared out all season long. Now, you don’t need to be overwhelmed by this idea and while it may sound tedious, creating a holiday sales strategy consists of making some changes and adjustments to your already existing eBook marketing plan to get your sales revenue flowing.

How Can You Plan your eBook Holiday Strategy?

A strong marketing plan is crucial despite the business type for its success. And when it comes to eBook businesses, it becomes even more vital as you have to call in your customers. With the change in seasons and holidays looming around the corner, you have to develop a strategy that accommodates the needs of your shoppers who want to gift your eBooks to their friends and families. To form a holiday plan, you can use these tactics to ensure good holiday sales:

1. Concoct eBook Ideas Related to Holidays

There may likely be a group of customers out there who may not be interested in what you have on your virtual shelves. Your book might not fit as the ideal gift. To cater to this demographic, you can create short eBooks related to holidays to add to their appeal and be more season-friendly to your customers.For example, you can create a set of short eBooks for children related to Christmas stories. Or, you can create eBooks with holiday-specific recipes. Once you have these ideas flowing, you can hire an eBook writing service to keep producing these holiday special eBooks for you.

2. Brush Up On What's Available On Your Virtual Shelves

For example, you can have their cover redesigned if they are not attractive enough. You can also refresh their descriptions and add holiday-related keywords in them to make them stand out. You can also create set deals and promotional bundles on eBooks that seem to be forgotten by customers. This is a great way to make them sell out and present the holiday shoppers with a great gift idea.

3. Focus On Creating Adverts

Perhaps the best way you can sell anything online is by creating online advertisements. Thankfully, there is an abundance of advertising options available to create a specific holiday sales campaign for your eBooks. These options can be your website, media sharing websites, social media channels, and outreach blogs. You can always try a demo advertising campaign to see which one of these options has the highest engagement rates for your eBooks business.
You can also join Facebook and Twitter groups to share your posts about holiday sales to reach a wider audience. After you have decided on where and how to advertise, you can choose whether you want to promote free of cost or want to opt for a paid advertising campaign.

4. Have Special Holiday Promotions and Deals

The number one thing holiday shoppers look for from eBook businesses during the holiday season are special deals and promotions. These deals can help you achieve a high customer engagement and sales rate and accommodate these shoppers’ flux. You can always get creative with creating bundle deals and countdowns to appetize these holiday shoppers. Here are some ideas:

● A BOGO deal (Buy One, Give One)
● Weekly Countdown Deals
● Promo Days
● eBook sets with purchase offers
● Hour-specific Price drops (12 am discounts)

5. Be Innovative Outside the Box

No one said it was necessary to stick to conventional marketing tactics when it comes to creating a holiday sales strategy for your eBooks. You can get as creative as you want, as this is also a way of creating a lasting impression on your holiday shoppers so they can remember your eBook business for the next holiday season. Aside from common adverts and social media marketing, you can also do the following:
● Add your special promotion deals to the retail section of your eBooks.
● Reach out to local bloggers in your locale and ask them to promote your eBook deals.
● Join holiday special deals to feature on their sales page.
● Come up with holiday special hashtags and use them whenever you promote your eBooks in the holiday season.

6. Use Effective Email Marketing to Send Holiday Greetings

One of the best ways to attract the attention of holiday shoppers to your special deals and promotions is by sending them email greetings and including links and information about any holiday bundle deals you may have going on about your eBooks.
You can create these emails beforehand and schedule them to be sent out to a mailing list of your customers to make them feel individualized and special. Make sure to include a strong call-to-action (CTA) prompt in these emails and encourage your shoppers to share them with their networks.

What Are Some Popular Holiday Events to Look Out For?

You may be confused about dates and events you can use your holiday sales strategy on. To make sure you never miss these important dates, you can highlight them on your virtual calendar or set alerts to remind you to activate your holiday marketing campaign. You can send emails or post adverts before, during, and after these dates to make the best of your holiday sales strategy. Here are some dates you can use your holiday sales strategy on:
● Christmas
● Black Friday
● New Year’s
● Cyber Monday
● Hanukkah
● Holi
● Thanksgiving

Make the Best Out Of Each Season

You don’t have to wait to see holiday decorations around you to create a holiday sales strategy for your eBooks. Things can turn hectic in the blink of an eye and you can lose the chance to acquire high sales if you fail to attract the attention of holiday shoppers toward your amazing eBooks. By already having a pre-structured eBook sale strategy for holidays, you can make the best out of each season and ensure that your eBook business develops with each passing season.

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