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How to Assess the Costs of Self-Publishing a Book?

While some authors shop their manuscripts to old-style publishing houses, many indie writers opt for another route: self-publishing a book. This method gives authors more control over the layout, edit, and supply of their book. Read on to get a better empathetic of how much it prices to self-publish a book.

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    What Factors Affect Costs of Self-Publishing?

    If you are an author self-publishing your first book online, take these influences into concern early in the publishing procedure when you are creating your budget:

    Length of your book

    In book publishing, distance is measured by word count (i.e. you might have a 75,000-word manuscript), and editing charges are often broken down to a per-word cost. The extra words you have, the higher the charges you will experience when it comes to editing and proofreading. If you are planning to print physical duplicates of your book, a longer publishing book will incur advanced printing costs as well.

    State of the draft

    If you are handing over a rough first draft to a publish copy editor without doing any self-editing, the book will have to go through weightier editing and several reviews.

    The genre and complexity of your book

    If you have written a children’s book online that is under 1,000 words, the edit will need less than a bigger work of literature. If you are publishing a non-fiction book, historic fiction, or an academic book, an editor may be accountable for fact checking and footnotes, requiring a more in-depth edit.

    State of the draft

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    The experience of your contractors

    If you are looking to publish a first-class book you will need to rental people knowledgeable in the book publishing business. You will pay more for highly-trained and knowledgeable professionals.

    The medium of your book

    As you start down the publishing path, you will have to choose if you want to create a print book or an eBook (to be read on plans like the Kindle or Nook)—or both. If you want to have published copies of your book on hand, you will have to make a minimum order and wage upfront.

    What Is the Costs of Self-Publishing a Book?

    Writers spend an average of $2,000 to $5,000 publishing their own books online Some apply much less, while others apply upwards of $20,000. Here are how the costs of self-publishing book break down:

    Professional editing

    There are numerous different levels of editing your book might essential. A developing editor does an in-depth, big-picture edit, concentrating on overall structure, character development, and content. Based on a 60,000-word manuscript you will be spending $1,400 for developing editing. Copy editing (fixing mechanical subjects like grammar and sentence assembly) will charge around $1,000. A proofreader often does a last pass for typos, and their fee is in the approximate of $600.

    What Is the Charge of Self-Publishing a Book
    Cover design

    Cover design

    People do magistrate a book by its cover, so make sure you bargain a book cover designer who captures the spirit of your story and understands the graphic rudiments that a cover needs to catch the eye of a reader. Book cover design averages $500 but can price anywhere from $250 to $1,500 and up. A good book designer who is skilled will know the role a book cover plays in book sales online.

    Book formatting

    Formatting is basically creating the interior design of a book online. This contains typesetting, which includes aligning text and images to the dimensional needs of both printing and eBooks. Most writers pay formatters between $500 and $1,000, give or take numerous hundred dollars. Price will depend on their knowledge, the length of the book, and how much graphic material is comprised in the book.

    Book Marketing

    Book Marketing costs vary. Some authors have an online following and proclaim their book launch over social media and their writer website, and their book marketing charges are zero. Writers, on average spend zero to $2,000 if they grip the marketing themselves or use online retailers to shop their book.

    Book Printing

    While most self-publishers use print-on-demand book publishing services, some published writers like to have physical copies of their books on hand. Costs vary depending on how many you want, and most printers require a bulk order for books. It might price you one to two dollars per book for 1,000 books online.

    Book Marketing


    There are usually no up-front distribution prices with self-published books. If you sell your book online through retailer, they will take a ratio of the sales.



    Producing an audiobook version prices between several hundred and some thousand dollars depending on who relates and how long your book is.


    An international standard book number, or ISBN, is a 13-digit number, with accompanying barcode, that is allocated to every published book. Receiving your own ISBN prices $100 for one or $295 for 10 codes.

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