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Five Successful Online Marketing Channels for Ebook Businesses (Paid)

Getting people to buy your Ebooks is the number one thing on your mind as an Ebook business owner. But you don’t just get customers by uploading your Ebook on your website and waiting for them to come buy them and turn your Ebook business into the best-selling one. Realistically speaking, it never works that way.
To achieve sky-high sales and popularity, you need to put some work, effort, and capital into it. Nowadays, to get anything to sell online, businesses need to follow through with online marketing channels to acquire sales for their products. These marketing channels target different customer groups on different platforms and help add visibility to the product and the business so it can sell.
To start getting some sales on your Ebooks, you need to do the same. Paid marketing options are the best way to ensure your Ebooks business starts acquiring sales and growing its popularity. There are a lot of marketing channels you can choose from to grow your Ebooks sales, among which the five mentioned are best and have the highest success rates.

Top Five Paid Marketing Channels for Online Ebook Businesses

While there are online marketing channels you can use that do not cost you anything, paid marketing channels can guarantee sales, which only increase as you improve the quality of your Ebooks and your marketing strategies. Here are the top five paid online marketing channels you can use to drive sales to your Ebook business:

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The majority of your customers dedicate several hours browsing through various social media platforms, hence why you need to utilize them to market your Ebooks. There are a plethora of social channels you can use to market your Ebooks.
However, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on creating paid marketing campaigns on multiple channels, you need to utilize the ones that have the most customer demographic available and are the most flexible to use for online marketing. Here are the two most successful social platforms you can use to market your Ebooks.

● Instagram Marketing

You can create an advert copy by including promotional content, setting an audience range, and the budget for the advert campaign. This ad may appear on the feed and between other posts of your customers. You can create adverts for images, written copies, and videos on Instagram to market your Ebook.
You can create an advert copy by including promotional content, setting an audience range, and the budget for the advert campaign. This ad may appear on the feed and between other posts of your customers. You can create adverts for images, written copies, and videos on Instagram to market your Ebook.

● Facebook Marketing

Aside from Instagram, Facebook is the next best option for Ebook businesses to start promoting their Ebooks. Facebook marketing is more advanced and customized with great sales potential. You can customize your promotional content and select the customer demographics such as age, interests, gender, etc.
Facebook ads range from infographics, videos, slideshows, giving you the chance to get creative with your marketing campaign. After your campaign is live and your ads start appearing before your existing and prospective customers, your ads will have a redirect link that will guide them back to your Facebook page or website once they click on it.

2. BookBub Marketing

Your customers are likely to use it for finding the Ebooks they want to buy. You can market your Ebooks on BookBub by using the covers of your Ebooks as the ads themselves. You can start marketing on BookBub by creating an author profile on it and setting your bio up.
Start posting your Ebooks and their latest releases on the platform. You can choose two paid marketing campaigns, one being self-serve ads that appear to your customers based on their Ebook interests and the second being adding day-limited discount deals to generate more sales.

3. Ebook Website

If you don’t own an online ebook writing website business, now is your time to own one. While you can create a website for free, getting a professional designer to create one for your business that is also mobile-optimized establishes your brand and appears professional. Here are the features that your site must have to start acquiring sales:

● Blog

Adding blogs to your site is a way to educate, market, and engage your customers. Your site will be known for your blogs about your Ebooks and literature in general. Your blog is the primary way customers will find themselves to your Ebook business.

● Email Sign-Up List

Using an email sign-up list on your site gives you the chance to know more about your customers and to base your email marketing strategy based on the data you collect from it. You can use this service to send them promotional blurbs, newsletters, and discount offers.

● Social Media Channel Links

It is important for your site to have links to your social media profiles on it for customers to click on explore. This way, you create an audience base for your Ebook business and keep them engaged.

4. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the biggest marketing channel every online business uses to market their products and run ads. You can display these ads even on YouTube. Campaigns on this platform use keywords to target your customers. If a customer uses a keyword relevant to your Ebook business (such as your business name or Ebook name), the search results that pop up contain your website or your blogs. Using AdWords is a cheap and efficient way to get into online marketing and start acquiring sales.

Now’s The Time Get Your Marketing Gears in Action

While it is important to invest your time and efforts in creating Ebooks that are masterpieces within themselves, it is also equally important for you to start considering your online marketing options and create a marketing strategy for them. The only way you can get your Ebooks to be bestsellers is by marketing your way through it.

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