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Creating an E-book - 5 Must-Read Secrets to Publishing Your Own E-book Online

An e-book can be defined as one that a reader can access through laptops, computers, and mobile phones. It is a book available in a digital form. Many readers prefer to read books online in today’s highly socially connected world, and it is far more convenient than reading the printed version of a book.

However, the technicalities involved in writing an e-book are somewhat the same compared to a printed book. But you can quickly nail this process of publishing your e-book if you consider certain factors.

• Choose the topic and target audience.

Before you begin with the process of writing an e-book, you must be clear about the main idea of your book. It will be helpful for you to stay on track throughout the process of writing till the time you publish your book.

Your book must contain a primary genre that it deals with as it will ultimately lead to knowing your target audience. Target audience refers to the people who find interest in reading stuff similar to the content of your book. So it’s best to be crystal clear regarding the topic and the target audience for your book.

• Select the visuals

One of the most significant features of an e-book is that it provides a way to make the book’s content even more attractive by adding images, videos, graphs, and icons. A visually appealing book is far more capable of grabbing one’s attention than a one with dull features. Make sure that you attach relevant pictures, creative font styles, videos that will enhance the overall beauty of your book.

Being good with the visuals of your e-book is a critical step that you must remember in publishing your book online.

• File conversion to the right type

Unlike a printed ebook, an e-book is available in various formats. You can choose any format type for your book, and the most common format types include pdf, epub, and IBA.

Pdf is the most commonly used type, and it is user-friendly that suits best if someone wants to read their book on a computer.

Epub is exceptionally user-friendly, and it provides a brilliant way for your e-book to get the visuals it needs by showing it in the format that a reader finds most convenient. It is excellent for e-books to be read on either mobile phones or computers.

IBA is specifically an e-book format for Apple. It cannot be used on android or other devices, but the features it provides are great, like fantastic sound and video quality.

• Search for an e-book designer

Another critical aspect of publishing your book online is choosing an e-book designer. Many people seem to take this step leniently or ignore it completely. However, it is wrong. If you take the responsibility of making your book attractive all on your own, then things might go wrong completely. Instead of being a known-it, you should hire a professional in this regard.

Hire an e-book designer who will look into your current book’s content and previous ones (if any) and will create a design and theme for your book. The colors and themes that he will choose for your book will give a professional vibe and attempt to gain the attention of the mass audiences. They will also adjust the design of your book so that it is easily readable in different screen sizes.

If you want your book to give off a professional vibe, you should choose an e-book designer.

• Be good with the publicity

Marketing is a necessary thing if you want your book to get fame. You publish your book online, so use social networking sites for advertising your book. Create an Insta page or Facebook page to gather an audience to read your book. If you are good with this publicity factor and are lucky enough, then it is quite possible that your book becomes the talk of the town overnight.

These are five basic things that a writer is supposed to be careful about. If you master these, you are good to publish an excellent e-book.