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6 Things to Make Your Book Cover Stand Out

Visuals are the first things that attempt and succeed to grab someone’s attention. If you want a lot of people to look up to your book, you must make sure that the book covers stand out and that your design for the book is alluring enough to grasp their focus.
An exciting and eye-catching book cover tempts the readers to think about the context the book holds. Although it is a metaphorical phrase that “don’t judge a book by its cover,” this phrase doesn’t apply in this situation as a potential buyer gets attentive towards your content by judging the cover. So to make your cover mesmerizing enough to hold someone’s attention, you must keep certain things in mind.

1. It Gives an Idea About the Context Inside:

A book cover mirrors the basic concept, the main them of what’s inside the book. If you aim to design a good surface for your book, it is a must to know its information. However, if you do not see the data, you might create something vaguely that will be evident by a poor font, image, symbols, and colors portrayed on the front of your book.
So before beginning with the designing process, it is better to know about the content to develop the best cover.

2. Avoid Going Overboard:

Sometimes, to design something entirely out of the blue, one ends up making something horrible. People fall to the misconception that flashy and covers full of images attract people; however, this is not true. It might make your work fall prey to a lack of attention. Instead of taking things way too exaggerated, try to keep them subtle and straightforward, as minimalism is sometimes the best thing to opt for.
Being too much motivated to create something way too unique, you might go in the wrong direction, and that will cause harm to the cause of the book.

3. Keep It Scalable:

Many people prefer to read books online in today’s highly globalized world. Almost every book is now made available on the internet; however, in some cases, when the cover is scaled down to create the thumbnail, so some of its key points lose their spotlight. So if you want to gain people’s attention online, make sure to design a cover that doesn’t lose its focus on its highlighted features when scaled down to create a thumbnail. This way, it would help increase buyers who prefer to read books online instead of physically.

4. Avoid Giving Too Much Information:

Sometimes people put too much information about the book on the cover. It would lead to the readers knowing so about the main factors about the book buzz-killing the suspense. Try to give only that much information that will create tension about more of the context forcing the readers to go through the whole thing to end their uncertainty. Only give hints and not the details.

5. Present The Hook of Your Story:

Every story has a hook to its context that tends to hook the readers into reading the whole thing. You must reveal the theme of your story on the cover to gain the attention of potential reads. However, at the same time, be vigilant not to give too much information. Keep it minimalistic and exciting, providing a basic idea about the plot that your book holds.
Please do not reveal the entire story; instead, try being objective with it so that your book gains a lot of concentration.

6. Make It Look Good:

Make sure to create a visually appealing best book cover design. You should ensure that you choose the correct patterns, fonts, and colors that will hold the book’s essence. Remember that every color holds a story and has its way of communicating with the viewers, so the color selection must be dealt with attentively.

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