How to Publish on Amazon?

Writing a book is not a cinch that you can easily accomplish it, and you need to look into various aspects critically to produce a masterpiece in a book. However, sometimes potential writers face certain hurdles that halt their way of progress. They do not have the basic idea of how to get their work done conveniently and more quickly. There is a considerable amount of options available on the internet that allow individuals to publish their work efficiently without any unnecessary hindrance. One such option is Amazon, which has given a chance to writers to get their work popular in an easier way.

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    Amazon serves as an excellent platform for writers who want to pursue writing as a career and enjoys their work to get the fame it deserves. The major plus point that might instantly tempt you to consider amazon for publishing your work is that they provide their book publishing services free of cost. Isn’t that amazing for beginners who don’t have much in their pockets but want to get fame as a writer?

    However, to get yourself established on amazon as a renowned writer, you must understand the basics first.

    Make a KDP account

    Make an amazon kindle direct publishing (KDP) account. It is the first step that will ultimately lead you to become a renowned writer soon. Once you sign in using your KDP account, the next thing you must do is accept the terms of use mentioned there. You must read through the instructions carefully to clear out any confusion in your mind.

    Add Book And Save Drafts

    Then you must add your kindle book. If you have not used Amazon to publish your book before, you won’t have any titles. Once you have added your book, you might continue completing it in chunks. Till then, make sure to save your work in drafts once you stop writing.

    Add the Language And Book Title

    Enter the language in which the book was written. It can be your regional language or the one you have chosen to gain a good number of readers for your book. Afterward, you are required to choose the title of the book. It is a very important thing in determining the success of your work. That’s the first thing that the reader notices, so make sure to keep your title unique and innovative. Do not go out of the way into choosing a title that sounds weird. Being innovative and unique without being weird is a hard thing. Make sure that the title for your book also implicitly reflects your book’s theme.
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    Add the author's name

    Enter the author’s name. It will be your identity for the book, and it could be your actual name or the pen name, and it entirely depends on your choice. If you have worked on the book with other people who have their fair share in the book’s content, then you also get the option to enter the names of more than one writer, depending upon how many people are involved in writing the book.

    Add the description

    Enter the book’s description after the title. That’s the next thing attempting to tempt the readers to read your work. Make sure to keep the report indulging and relevant to the content of your book. It must be kept minimal because it briefly gives a teaser of the events that are about to be discussed in the book. The description must not give out the main scenario of the book but just a hint. It is a complicated thing to do on the first go. However, there are several tips and tricks available on the internet by which you can accomplish this task. Amazon allows you to enter 4000 words in your description, wisely using this word count. It is more than enough words to give the main idea regarding your book.

    Add the copyright information

    Enter the copyrights details after you are done with the book’s description. If you are the author, then claim your rights over the book using available options. It is compulsory as it determines the authority you have over your work.

    Add the keywords

    Keywords are words related to the genre of your story, characters, or the content your book contains. So it holds some significant importance in directing your readers towards your content. Add the keywords that will get the readers towards your content; when a reader types a keyword, books relating to that appear. So keep the keywords relevant. It will help the readers access your text by using some words, so think over the keywords carefully.

    Add the categories

    Enter the categories for your book. It means the genre that your book deals with. You are allowed to use only two categories that best define the genre of your work: fiction, nonfiction, comics, etc. Again, this is an essential part that will help your readers find your book in the genre they like. If you want to target any particular audience, keep the categories relevant to the theme of your book. Also, you can select the age range if your book is mainly for kids or teens. It is not a compulsory thing, but it takes a look at it as well.

    Make a marketing plan.

    Marketing is a necessity when it comes to any business. It is a tactic that attracts an audience by promoting your work. You shouldn’t publish your book right away once it’s done, as this will deprive you of the opportunity to gain a larger audience. Instead, you must work and look for ways to gather a good amount of readers for your book. Use an effective marketing plan that will create hype for your work appropriately.

    Enable DRM

    Make sure to enable digital rights management (DRM). It is necessary so that no one can copy or steal your work, and it is a mandatory thing for the safety of your book. The security of your book is compulsory as you have invested your valuable time and energy in producing a book, and then someone can quickly gain unethical access to that. That will make you feel demotivated, so to avoid that, activate the digital rights management.

    Convert into an epub file and upload the book cover

    Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, upload your book. Make sure to convert your work into an epub file to look to all the e-readers that see your book. The epub file is far more attractive than a simple word file, and it is yet another way to gain more readers.


    After this, you must upload a book cover. Your book cover must give off a professional vibe. But that means that you go for a boring one. Keeping it subtle yet exciting should be the goal for a book cover, and it must be sufficient to gain potential readers’ attention.

    Add ISBN

    You can also preview your work if you want using the options available. It will give an idea of how your work will look to the readers. If you feel that you are missing out on something, you can make changes as well. You must enter an ISBN if you want your book to be published elsewhere apart from amazon, but you have the opportunity to leave that empty.

    Add the territories

    Enter the territories where you want your book to be seen. You can leave it worldwide unless there is a specific reason for you not to do that. Also, specify the royalty and pricing that you intend to opt for.
    That is all that is required to publish your book on amazon.
    If you make sure to keep the following pointers mentioned in mind, you are good to go in publishing your book on amazon. It isn’t a hard thing to get your famous on Amazon; it’s just the fact of how well you make use of the tips and tricks.

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